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Treatment Techniques

Orthodontic treatment:

  1. Removable braces treatment
  2. Fixed braces treatment

Foil treatment:

  1. Invisalign

Orthodontic treatment

Removable appliance treatment

Removable braces

Especially recommended whilst teeth are growing, as well as during periods when temporary teeth are replaced by permanent ones.

Fixed braces treatment

Possible only after permanent teeth are established.

Involves two treatment phases:

  1. Teeth straightening phase = active treatment when the patient has fixed braces in the mouth. This phase lasts approximately two years.
  2. Final result stabilization phase = retention phase when teeth are maintained in desirable position

Above mentioned phases last about the same amount of time and are equally important.

There are two types of fixed braces treatment depending on lock placement – outside or inside fixture. There is also a difference in the material used, type of manufacturing and treatment planning:

Foil treatment – Invisalign


This type of treatment is also known as “invisible braces”. The Invisalign company manufactures individual sets of transparent foils according to orthodontist’s instructions. These are replaced after each week by the patients themselves. The treatment starts with soft foils, continues with medium and finishes with hard ones.

Teeth move approximately 1mm each month in the desired direction. The length of treatment is similar to fixed braces. Usually, patients need a set of 30-40 foils for each jaw depending on the type of defect. Regular checkups every 6-8 weeks are necessary.

This unique technique is not suitable for all teeth defects. Invisalign could be recommended to adult patients with small esthetic anomalies when there is no need for teeth extraction. Suitability of this treatment is always assessed by the orthodontist.

Invisalign advantages:

Invisalign disadvantages:

More info: http://www.invisalign.com

During orthodontic treatment it is extremely important to keep regular appointments with your dentist. Orthodontic treatment can be only started on patients with healthy teeth and impeccable mouth hygiene.

What to expect during orthodontic treatment?

Teeth function and esthetics examination, orthodontic face examination. Following evaluation of all these aspects, the decision for orthodontic treatment is either recommended or not, together with the general method as well as time scale and conditions of individual treatment.
Creating of necessary orthodontic documentation (teeth imprints, face and teeth scans, face and teeth photographs).
Consultation of suitable treatment method, time demands, detailed treatment process and budget. In order to achieve perfect and lasting results some patients need extraction of 2-4 redundant teeth. Signed treatment plan is binding during the whole period of treatment.
Fitting of fixed braces in the mouth or handover of removable braces or foils.

Treatment continues with regular checkups – fixed braces once in 4-6 weeks, removable braces once in 6-8 weeks.